Diagnosis & Symptoms of SLAP tearCommonly, the symptoms of a SLAP tear are similar to many other shoulder problems. They include a decreased range of motion, a sensation of grinding, popping or locking, and pain with lifting or movement, especially lifting overhead or holding the shoulder in specific positions.
SLAP tear treatment optionsThe initial treatment for a SLAP injury is nonsurgical in many cases. Treatment options may include medication or physical therapy. If your pain does not improve with these methods your doctor may recommend shoulder arthroscopy. Read more about nonsurgical and surgical treatments for SLAP tears below.
SLAP Tear Nonsurgical Treatments and Arthroscopic SLAP RepairUsually, the initial treatment for a SLAP injury is nonsurgical. Treatment options may include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling and physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder.
Dr Kinzel may recommend surgery if your pain does not improve. Shoulder arthroscopy is the surgical technique most commonly used for repairing a SLAP injury. Dr Kinzel inserts into your shoulder joint a small camera, and then uses the images to guide miniature surgical instruments. Because the surgical instruments are thin, very small incisions can be used, rather than the larger incision needed for standard, open surgery.