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Arranging a consultation

On booking your consultation, we will ask you to gather the necessary information to bring to your appointment. These consist of;• GP or Specialists referral• Imaging such as x-rays, CT, ultrasound or MRI - both the reports and the films • relevant information in relation to your visit. 
We will request a Patient Information Form be completed. To complete the form you will require information such as your Medicare and private health fund details, a list of medications including herbal supplements and allergies.
For Worker’s Compensation or CTP Claims, you must bring an approval letter for your consultation from the insurance company.
This range of information assists Dr Kinzel in making her recommendations for your treatment, tailoring this to your specific needs pending on such things as your general health, previous injuries and/or surgeries, occupation, day to day activities and available assistance for aftercare if required.
It is a good idea to make a list specific questions you may have and to attend consultation with a family member or friend as support and to help note the information Dr Kinzel discusses.
After your consultation we will assist you in making any arrangements for further appointments, tests or surgery.

Process of consultation and treatment

Below are the steps of the consultation and treatment process. 


1. Meet Your Surgeon for examination

Dr Kinzel will will take a comprehensive history of your injury or effected area along with your general health and current medications. This will be crosschecked with the patient information form you will have completed.  It is important to have this information correct in the case you require a surgical procedure.During the consultation, Dr Kinzel will physically assess your injured area and she will ask you to carry out specific movements or exercises to clearly see your range of movement and strength.

2. Questions and Answers

Dr Kinzel will explain her findings with you and will advise her recommendations as to what form of treatment is best suited for healing and recovery.If you have any questions or would like further explanation for clarity please do not hesitate to ask. It is important you understand fully.

3. Arranging Your Treatment

Dr Kinzel will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. This may consist of further imaging in the form of x-rays, MRI or CT scan, an interventional procedure such as injection, a therapy programme or proceeding to a surgical procedure. Both Dr Kinzel and her practice manager will assist you in preparing for treatment and to make the necessary appointments with you.


Look through the answers to the most popular questions from our patients. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Do I need a referral to consult with Dr Kinzel?

Yes, you will require a referral from a GP or specialist doctor.

How quickly can I see Dr Kinzel for an appointment?

Pending the urgency in which you need to be seen, our practice manager will discuss your condition with you and will make the necessary arrangements for your appointment. Dr Kinzel consults and operates each week between different clinic locations and hospitals

How often do I need to see Dr Kinzel after my operation?

Dr Kinzel will see you at 1-2 weeks then again at 6-8 weeks. Thereafter appointments will be made in appropriate timeframes pending your progress.

Do I need any imaging prior to my initial consultation?

Yes, you will need imaging which either your referring doctor or our office can organise with you. The type of imaging depends on what your injury is. These consist of x-rays, MRI, CT scan and ultrasound.

Can I claim from Medicare and my private health fund?

Your consultations are partially claimable from Medicare and we can lodge your claim on your behalf with your GP/Specialist referral. Surgery invoices can be partially claimed from both Medicare and your private health fund.

Do I need further imaging after my operation?

Pending on what procedure you have undergone, you may require progress imaging at different intervals until Dr Kinzel is confident that healing has taken place as required for your recovery.

Want to Request a Consultation?

Feel free to contact us to request a first free initial consultation with a doctor.