Publications & Monographs

Dr. Vera Kinzel is an internationally and nationally recognised specialist in surgery of the shoulder and knee joint. She has been involved in various orthopaedic studies and research projects. 

1. Altersabhänige Normalwerterhebung für t-Pa, u, PA, PAI-1, PAP, D-Dimer.

Author: Vera KinzelPublished as a book Schüling Verlag ed. Münster 1999 ISMN 3-930962-56X

2. Varus/Valgus alignment of the femur in total knee arthroplasty : Can accuracy be improved by preoperative CT scanning.

Author: Kinzel V, Scaddan M, Shakespeare D.Journal: Knee. 2004 Jun;11(3):197-201.Meeting: South African Orthopaedic Association Meeting 2003

3. The effect of Aprotinin on blood loss in bilateral total knee arthroplasty

Author: Kinzel V, Derbyshire D, Shakespeare DJournal: Knee. 2005 Apr;12(2):107-11.Meeting: AOA Service Registrar Scientific Meeting

4. The influence of the Sagittal Cut on Component Position in the Oxford Knee

Author: Kinzel V, Ledger M, Shakespeare D
Journal: Knee, Jun 2005;12(3):169-76.

5. Total Knee Replacement : Time to go home ? Rehabilitation after Total Knee Arthroplasty 

Author: Shakespeare D, Kinzel V
Journal: Knee 2005, June 2005:12(3):185-9

6. Achieving ligament stability and correct rotational alignment of the femur in knee arthroplasty: a study using the Medial Pivot knee.

Author: Shakespeare D, Kinzel V, Ledger M
Journal: Knee, Dec 2005;12(6):419-23

7. Accuracy of implantation of components in the Oxford knee using the minimally invasive approach.

Author: Shakespeare D, Ledger M , Kinzel VJournal: Knee, Dec 2005;12(6):405-9

8. Can the epicondylar axis be defined accurately in total knee arthroplasty.

Author: Kinzel V, Ledger M, Shakespeare D
Journal: Knee, Aug. 2005;12(4):293-6

9. Sideswipe Injuries to the elbow in Western Australia.

Author: Kinzel V, Skirving A, Michael Wren, Zellweger R
Journal: MJA, May 2006;184(9):447-50
Meeting: AOA ASM WA 2005

10. Flexion after total knee replacement. A comparison between the Medial Pivot knee and a posterior stabilised implant.

Author: Shakespeare D, Ledger M, Kinzel V
Journal: Knee, Oct 2006;13(5):371-3

11. A biomechanical compression of scaphoid grafting and internal fixation comparing iliac crest and distal radial grafts. 

Author: V Kinzel, P Jarrett, K Stoffel
Journal: J Hand Surg [Am]. 2007 Nov;32(9):1367-73
Meeting: AOA WA ASM, Perth August 2006

12. Scaphoid Bone Density Assessment- A comparison of two measurement techniques.

P. Jarrett, V Kinzel, Stoffel K
Meeting: AOA CSM, Canberra 2006

13. Double blinded randomised controlled trial of the Calaxo and Milagro Osteoconductive Interference Screws for ACL reconstruction

Author: Vera Kinzel , Leo Pinczewski, Justin Roe, Lucy Salmon, Heidi Williams, James Linklater
Journal: submitted to the American Journal of Sports Medicine

14. Unsatisfactory accuracy as determined by computer navigation of VISIONAIRE
Patient-specific instrumentation for Total Knee Arthroplasty

Vera Kinzel, David Parker, Kurt Hanson, Corey Scholes, Myles Coolican
Journal: Journal of Arthroplasty 2013 Mar; 28(3):469-73
Meeting: AOA Knee Society ASM, Adelaide, October, 2010
IKASOS, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, June 2011
AOA ASM, Rotorua NZ, October 2011

Poster Presentations:

Poster: Scaphoid Morphology - An Analysis of 28 Cadaver Scaphoids

Author: V. Kinzel, P Jarrett, K Stoffel
Meeting: Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand, June 2006

Poster: Evaluation of the Visionaire Instrumentation for Total Knee Arthroplasty using Computer Navigation

Author: Vera Kinzel, Corey Scholes, Myles Coolican, David Parker

Assessment of the reconstructed ACL by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Radiographic evaluation of the double-bundle dual-femoral tunnel technique.

Author: V Kinzel, B Breidahl, P Annear
Journal: Submitted Journal of Arthroscopy
Meeting: Australian Knee Society Meeting, Gold Coast, October 2006
Poster presentation: IKASOS, Osaka, Japan, April 2009