Dislocated Shoulder/Shoulder Instability

Diagnosis & Symptoms of dislocated shoulder/shoulder instabilityA shoulder dislocation can cause weakness, numbness or tingling near the injury, for example down your arm or in your neck. The intensity of pain might increase if the muscles in your shoulder spasm from the disruption. Symptoms of a dislocated shoulder may include the obvious visibly out-of-place shoulder, intense pain and inability to move the joint.
Dislocated shoulder/shoulder instability treatment optionsTreatment options for a dislocated shoulder may involve closed reduction, immobilization, medication, rehabilitation or surgery.
Dislocated Shoulder/Shoulder Instability Nonsurgical Treatments and Arthroscopic CapsulorrhaphyThrough a process called “closed reduction,” Dr Kinzel will place the ball of the upper arm bone (humerus) back into the joint socket. Once the shoulder joint is back in place, severe shoulder pain stops almost immediately.
Surgical options for shoulder instability include arthroscopic stabilisation of the shoulder , which utilises sutures or suture anchors to repair the torn tissue, alleviating instability symptoms. If the bony socket is also damaged an part of the instability pictures a bony open procedure can be performed to restore stability of the shoulder joint.