Shoulder Impingement/Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Diagnosis & Symptoms of shoulder impingement/rotator cuff tendinitisTenderness in the front of the shoulder or the midpoint of the arm is often caused by rotator cuff pain. When lifting your arms you also might experience shoulder pain and stiffness. Symptoms of night pain and difficulty sleeping are also problems associated with rotator cuff pain.
Onset symptoms may be mild and patients usually do not seek treatment at an early stage. These symptoms may include: pain radiating to the side of the arm from the front of the shoulder, sudden pain when reaching, minor pain both at rest and with activity, and for athletes, shoulder pain when throwing a ball. As the problem becomes worse symptoms can increase to loss of strength and difficulty sleeping through the night.
Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment OptionsDr Kinzel will consider your general health, age and activity level in your treatment plan. The ultimate goal is to decrease pain and return you to normal activity. Both nonsurgical and surgical options are available.
Shoulder Impingement/Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Nonsurgical Treatments and Arthroscopic Subacromial DecompressionInitial treatment is nonsurgical in most cases. Dr Kinzel may suggest rest, medicine, physical therapy, or a steroid injection. Many patients experience a gradual improvement and return to normal activity, although this option may take several weeks to months.
When nonsurgical treatment does not relieve pain, surgery may be an option. Your doctor may remove part of the acromion. This is known as a subacromial decompression. This procedure can be performed by shoulder arthroscopy, where minimally invasive surgical instruments are inserted into one centimeter incisions around your shoulder. Your doctor examines your shoulder through a fiber-optic camera.